About Us

The Killer Baking Co. was formed in 2006 in a small kitchen in So. San Francisco. It grew quickly into a small business. I’ve since moved to Rohnert Park in Sonoma County and I’ve been able to keep the business up and running. My wife and I live in Santa Rosa where we’ve made our home for the last 2 years. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats that we love very, very much.

It took me a long time to perfect my recipes and since then people all over the Bay Area have loved them. I’ve taken it to the streets working Art & Wine Festivals and Farmers Markets from North Santa Rosa, South as far as Monterey and East to Walnut Creek; I’ve done shows in Arizona and Nevada. I’ve sent them to Iraq, Afghanistan, Canada and Mexico. Folks have loved them ever since I started making them.

It started as a labor of love, baking for my 2 daughters when they were growing up. No sooner than a batch was out of the oven, they and their friends would be digging in. I always made them thick and moist and never put icing on them, there’s never been anything to hide or cover up.

I remember my first Farmers Market in Santa Rosa; I was down on my luck and was ready to try anything that might sell. Well, they sold, all right! From that first day in the summer of ’06 it’s been great fun selling many shows. It’s been so much hard work and fun; to follow my passion of making something the best I could, using the best ingredients and lots of them. I have a saying when I see people try them for the first time and that is, “Your smile makes it all worthwhile” It’s true, to see the smile of an adult or a child; doesn’t matter who tries them, that grin when they first taste the chocolate, that moist, thick and a little gooey brownie.

So here we are today, a new year, 2016 and I often think about businesses that started a hundred years ago in 1910 and where they are today. It is my dream that The Killer Baking Co. becomes a household name one day, synonymous with quality and great taste.

My goal is a consistent, great product no matter when you try one or wherever you might be. I’ve since made a few new products that people have embraced as well, most notable of which are Killer BitesĀ®. I needed something to present as a gift, something unique and very special. Holidays and special occasions call for something different and also delicious. Killer BitesĀ® are bite size pieces of my brownies that I hand dip in dark chocolate. Wow, they are great! Since I sold my first one a few years ago, Christmas of 2008 it’s been a labor of love. Each one nestled in a gift box waiting to be munched on by folks everywhere.

I hope you try some of the great products that I’ve tried to make. It’s always a pleasure to serve you and I’m honored that you would have my products in your home; sharing them with family and friends. It never grows old, seeing people laugh, grin or moan and closes their eyes in a delicious reminder of their childhood; of a brownie so good it takes you back to your mom or someone special that just made things as best they could.