Our Vision

It took me a long time to perfect my recipes. And since then, many people all over the Bay Area have loved them. My goal is a consistent, great product no matter when you try one or wherever you might be. I hope you try some of the great products that I’ve tried to make. It’s always a pleasure to serve you and I’m honored that you would have my products in your home; sharing them with family and friends.

I often think about businesses that started a hundred years ago and where they are today. It is my dream that The Killer Baking Co. becomes a household name one day, synonymous with quality and great taste. It never grows old, seeing people laugh, grin or moan and close their eyes in a delicious reminder of their childhood; of a brownie so good it takes you back to your mom or someone special that just made things as best they could.



Mike Garzouzi
CEO of The Killer Baking Company